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24 K Gold Serum

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The shine of real gold that comes naturally on your skin is now achievable. Girls, get this skin care product enriched with pure gold elements along with natural essential oils that smoothen the rough skin and repairs the skin completely. The gold serum gives an instant glow to the skin, does the skin brightening and is the perfect must have to tighten the skin. 24k gold face serum that can give you firm, moist and beautiful skin in the most natural way, so that you glow without even applying the makeup.
Aqua Glycerin Gold Propylene Glycol Oligopeptide-1 Oligopeptide-2 Triethanol Amine

After facial cleansing in the morning and evening, apply 3-4 drops of 24k gold serum on the face, and then gently massage face till absorbed. For best result apply twice daily – after your morning bath & before going to bed. Tip – The actual result may vary from the user due to differences in skin type. Also the result does not come overnight. One has to follow a committed regimen of skincare and regular usage as advised to get visible results.

Infused with real gold

Rich in a concentrated polypeptide with 24k water-soluble nanometer gold, 24k gold serum is nothing but a key to get that golden glow on your face.

Tightens the skin

24k gold face serum effectively restores the firmness into the skin and clears the pores, instilling youthfulness into the skin.

Evens out the skin

Highlights the skin naturally to make it look lustrous, clean and beautiful.

Instant glow

There is no other formula better than this natural face serum with purity of gold, that imparts lighter tone and helps you glow the best without makeup.


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