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Looking for the natural tonic to treat all the skin problems? Aloe Vera Gel by Rivona Naturals is that completely natural beauty product that has no harmful chemicals added in it, to ensure that the goodness of aloe vera remains intact. Natural aloe vera gel soothes and refreshes the skin along with restoring the moisture deeply in the skin cells. Aloe Vera with the essential vitamins like A, C, E, B1, B12, etc, it helps your skin and hair fight all the anti oxidants and glows naturally. Also, with our most natural formulas for creating unisex hair and skin care products that condition your hair and skin, you can trust the wonderful range of products we offer.
99 % Pure Aloevera Glycerin Aqua

Rivona Naturals Aloe Vera Gel can be used as a makeup primer, or with any face mask, on hair before styling them using heat. It can be an excellent under eye mask. It can also be used in following ways:

(1) Natural Moisturizer – Apply on Skin for instant moisturization and hydration.
(2) Natural Scrub – Mix aloe gel with sugar and use it as a perfect face & body scrub.
(3) Sunburn soother – Apply on sunburnt skin for instant soothing effect.
(4) Anti-Aging – Massage on skin & let it dry for overnight.
(5) For Hair – Massage on scalp & let it dry for overnight then shampoo in morning.
(6) Over Heel & Rough Skin – Massage aloe vera gel on chapped heels, elbow & Knees for smooth skin.
(7) After shave – Apply on clean shaven skin as an aftershave.
(8) As Primer – If this gel is applied as a primer before putting on makeup, it can help the make up to stay perfect for a long time.
(9) Hair Gel – It locks moisture in hair & holds hairstyle for longer hours.
(10) For Beard – Makes beard smoother and sleeker & help in healthier beard growth.
(11) Nail Essence – Helps in enhancing healthy nail growth.

moisturizer125 ml
Moisturizes Without Being Sticky

Along with having a refreshing impact, Rivona Naturals Aloe Vera gel fulfils moisture in the cells of your skin, making it look supple and hydrated.

Nourishes With Vitamins:

With plentiful of essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, this natural aloe vera gel detoxifies and cleanses the skin. Applying it in hair or after shaving can help supplement both hair and skin quality.

Repairs and Soothes Skin:

Natural Aloe Vera gel with thin consistency can be applied regularly on face, skin and hair to cure all the problems. It soothes your skin and makes it look young and healthy.

Safe To Use

Rivona Naturals Aloe Vera Gel has come to life after several years of careful research and testing. It is certified by various labs and it completely natural and organic.

Good For Hair

If you apply this organic aloe Vera gel by Rivona Naturals before straightening or curling, it acts as a natural hair serum for hair and protects it from heat. Also, if you apply this gel after shampooing your hair, it works as a natural hair conditioner.

Good For Skin

Aloe vera gel when applied on tanned skin, it nourishes and de-tans the skin. Also, regular application of aloe vera gel on face reduces acne, pimples, and restores moisture in skin.

Enhances Beauty

This multipurpose Aloe Vera gel can also be used as a makeup primer, to make your makeup stay for long hours. Regular pampering of nails with this gel can also lead to healthy growth of nails.

3 reviews for Aloe Vera Gel
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    Highly recommend. One of the best and natural aloe Vera gel with no harsh chemicals. I’m using the gel for my face , hair , eyebrows , lips . Thank You

  2. S


    Gud product!! Nice ☺️
    Must buy!!

  3. S


    Gud product!! Nice ☺️
    Must buy!!
    Good for my skin
    Had too difference in my skin
    Thank u rivona for this product

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