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Aloe Vera Shampoo

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Want naturally long and strong hair with no split ends? Then wash your hair with the richness of nature. Try Rivona naturals aloe vera shampoo that contains proteolytic enzymes to repair the damaged cells in the scalp. Also playing the role of a conditioner, this organic hair care product conditions the hair making them look smooth and shining. Formulated with high levels of pure aloe vera enhanced with bamboo, bhringraj, green tea, haritaki, terminalia bellerica fruit, this natural aloe vera shampoo for hair nurtures the scalp with adequate moisture and vitamins, thus resulting in healthy hair growth. The ingredients activate the pores along with tightening the roots. This 100% natural shampoo contains a nourishing, vitamin rich formula that cleanse and replenish all hair types.
Aloevera Bamboo Bhringraj Green Tea Haritaki Terminalia Bellerica Fruit

Apply some aloe vera shampoo to your wet hair and massage gently. Work it into a lather and rinse it off thoroughly after that. For best results allow at least three months of daily use. For noticeable results use it with Rivona Naturals Hair Conditioner with Rosemary, Lemon & Neem.

Removes dirt

Aloe Vera Shampoo 99% silky and stronger hair shampoo has the formula that completely purifies the scalp and balances out the Ph, thereby maintaining the shine in hair.

Removes dryness

The dryness in the scalp that leads to breakage of hair follicles is cured by this natural aloe vera shampoo.

Prevents hair fall

Rivona aloevera shampoo protects the hair from the exposure to sun, dust and sweat, thus promoting good hair growth.

Natural Bamboo used

Bamboo is excellent for cleansing scalp. Therefore, it is used in shampoos for clearing the scalp of pollutants, dead skin cells and product build-up.

Cruelty free

Clinically tested and proven but Rivona naturals products are not tested on animals. Moreover, the use of aloe vera shampoo for hair reduces itchiness and inflammation in the scalp.


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