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Who does not want to have hair like princess Rapunzel? And it is not unachievable! This Hair conditioner by Rivona Naturals is the best natural conditioner that is comprised of all the organic ingredients that supplement hair growth naturally. Apply this hair care product after every hair washes for the best results. The goodness of Neem kills the bacteria on the scalp or in the follicles. Argan oil and rosemary oil strengthen the roots and grip the hair firmly, preventing unnecessary hair loss. This natural Hair Conditioner gives your hair a beautiful structure, leaving it soft and manageable along with producing incredible shine. If you use this Moroccan hair care products regularly, then it helps smoothen frizzy hair and repairs the hair damage. Buy Rivona Naturals hair conditioner for dry hair and see the best results in a matter of few months.
Moroccan Argan Oil Rosemary Lemon Neem Shea Butter

After completely rinsing the shampoo off, pour some hair conditioner by Rivona Naturals on your palm. Evenly spread it through your hands and run your fingers through the hair. Also, gently massage the roots in circular motion. Keep the conditioner on for a minute and wash it off. You may also leave the conditioner on if you have extremely frizzy and tangled hair.

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Argan Oil

Hair conditioner is a blessing for dry and unmanageable hair. Rivona Naturals Moroccan Argan conditioner has this as the key element, thereby keeping the scalp hydrated.


The conditioner is power packed with neem extract which helps in promoting hair growth and preventing baldness. This ingredient helps the conditioner to treat dry hair and cure dandruff and itching.

Rosemary essentials

Rosemary oil is known for its magical powers of preventing premature graying of the hair. Also, the best deep conditioner smoothes dry and itchy scalp along with locking moisture in the roots.

Lemon extract

Rich in Vitamin C, lemon extract helps in boosting the hair growth. The conditioner tightens the hair follicles and prevents excessive hair fall, along with erasing dandruff issues.

No paraben or sulphates

The conditioner is completely devoid of harmful chemicals that make the hair look temporarily attractive, but harm the quality of the scalp.


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