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Vitamin C Serum

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The complete skincare product enriched with all the natural ingredients contains essential oils and precious essences that penetrate deep into the skin and repairs the skin completely. Vitamin C Serum is the perfect must-have brightening face serum that can give you clear, moist and beautiful skin.
Aqua Glycerin Propylene Glycol Polyglycerin-10 Glycerol Polymethacrylate Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) Agave Americana Leaf Extract

After facial cleansing in the morning and evening, apply 3-4 drops of Vitamin C Serum on the face, and then gently massage face till absorbed. For best result apply twice daily – after your morning bath & before going to bed. Tip – The actual result may vary from the user due to differences in skin type. Also the result does not come overnight. One has to follow a committed regimen of skincare and regular usage as advised to get visible results.

Active molecules

Vitamin C Serum rejuvenates skin deeply by providing the cells with nutrients and vitamins.

Essential oils and essences

Powered with essential oils and vital nutrients, Vitamin C Serum repairs skin and heals the damage caused due to sun, dust and sweat.

Natural Brightness

It fades the dull tone and brightens the skin inside out, so that you look the good in your no make up look.

Reduces hyperpigmentation

Rivona Naturals Vitamin C serum gives a healthy glow to skin along with killing all the signs of ageing. Your skin looks radiant only after its regular usage for 3 months.

Complete moisturization

It hydrates dry skin and reduces wrinkles by firming the skin cells. You do not need to use any harsh chemical or any cosmetic products if you choose the best vitamin c serum for face.


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